2017 Behind The Scenes

Holy bananas it’s been a while HEY?!?! Last year was a huge year of growth for us and we unfortunately got very behind in updating our website and blogging all of our shenanigans. SO since we’re 6.5 months in to 2018 it seems a little silly to do a 2017 year in review. Instead we’re going to follow suit with 2016 and show you some of our behind the scenes/bloopers from our 2017 weddings!!

2017 marked our first winter wedding ever and what a wedding it was!

Crafting first looks around a giant block of snow is definitely a first for us but we had a total BLAST!

We even got to try our hand at axe throwing thanks to the folks at Fort Gibraltar! Mind those stairs guys!

Fast forward to spring time and a father of the groom who was in no rush to get his suit on. Why dirty it before you really have to, right?

Sometimes our couples need a little liquid courage in the way of cinnamon flavored whiskey.

Sometimes the lighting is juuuuuuuust right for the perfect selfie. I mean when your makeup is totally on point, why not??

When you’re hopping in to your getaway car always make sure your dress FITS in the car.

Again with the Fireball Whiskey….I mean, who needs a glass when you’re in the park?

Wait….lemme take a selfie……

Or two….

Periodically a bride may misplace her vows. I feel like all wedding dresses should have pockets for this very situation.

And definitely don’t keep your guests waiting. All shenanigans will be photographed.

When it’s storming outside our couples have some recommendations on how to keep warm.

And when it’s warm outside they also have some to keep cool!

But our year wouldn’t be complete without the token light check by our handy associate Mallorey!

Thanks all for joining us as we wrap up 2017 and start in to 2018!