2018 Year In Review

Welcome to our 3rd annual Year in Review: BLOOPER BLOG! That’s right, for the last 3 years we have shown you our never before seen blooper reel of the past wedding season and all of the shenanigans that took place.  Some of the images we show you are also straight up oops images just to show you that a perfect image doesn’t happen every time and it’s good to laugh at yourself. 🙂

So let’s dive in shall we! Here we started the season with…..a brick garden walkway?

If you’ve been around for a hot minute you will recognize our Associate shooter, Mallorey!! Always the best light tester. <3

AND she’s also the best behind the scenes photo taker! I have no idea what we were up to here but we were having more fun than it looks, I promise.

Photos like these are why I always back up everything on our cards. You never know when you’ll get a gem like this one! lol

OR like this one………? This is called “oops I forgot we went in to the outside”

We WILL capture things like, your guests taking in a quick golf game before your wedding!

And sweet moments like this where my associate, and husband, is interacting with one of your guest’s children who happens to be deaf. Right after this he lead her over to the speaker so she could feel the music. Everyone together now; AWWWWWWWWWW. I know….I know. *heart blows up from all the love*

He makes a really good light tester too. <3

Instead of “Marco/Polo” we’re playing “Marco/Mallorey”!

Sometimes our associates also happen to be amazing pet photographers and I’ll end up with loads of animal photos on my cards. Like this one!

And these……..

Annnndddd this one.

This same associate also thinks it’s funny to photograph me from behind claiming she was just “checking her settings”

Uh huh……..sure.

But should a fashion mishap occur you can be sure we are there to help!

There may also be a few portraits of your guests light testing while my associates are in the bathroom…..

We promise to stay focused on you during your wedding day no matter how beautiful the tree behind you is.

We will also make sure we are in constant communication with each other so we’re all on the same page.

And we will ALWAYS have a smile on our faces while we create beautiful images for your wedding day! Ok, other than this time….

However if we look similar to this, we’re either dehydrated, hungry, or we’re deep in thought of all the magical things we’re going to create.

If we get to this stage we’ve spent too much time light testing and all we’re seeing is spots.

All of the moments from your wedding day are absolutely amazing and we are always looking for hilarious, memorable moments like this one. He was definitely the star of the show.

Kids will say and do the darndest things and we will make sure you have memories of all of it!

Oh right, adults do the same thing too……

Even when you think we’re not looking……we are. 😉

But we will be there to celebrate with you when on the day of your wedding Burt Reynolds passes away and we all drink his signature shot in memory.

We’ll even spend some time sniffing your cake to make sure it’s good enough for you to eat.

We’ll be there when your guests want to let loose and show a little leg…

and rally the troops for family photo time!

But when it comes down to one of our most important shots of the day, our signature ring portrait, we will pull out all the stops, turn on (or off) all of the lights, just to create a special, one of a kind portrait, of some of the smallest details of your day. Simply because they are just as important.

At the end of this year Jamie and I celebrated 10 years in marriage and what better way to commemorate the occasion, than to take our OWN blooper photos!

In closing while it’s lovely to show all of the things that went right on a wedding day, it’s also lovely to show all of the things that went differently! AND to show you we are there through it all, capturing it all, saving it ALL, for cheeky, sneeky blogs like THIS!

Happy New Year folks!! xoxo