Engaging | Why You Need Engagement Photos

When most people hear the words “Engagement Photos” their brains immediately go to all of the posts there have ever been about “cringeworthy” engagement photos. The truth is, “engagement” photos are REALLY important. Here’s why.


My job as your photographer is to not only capture your wedding day to it’s fullest but, and let’s be honest, it’s to make you look GOOD. Say it with me now “I wanna look goooooooood”. And you should!!  Engagement sessions, or Connection Session as I have deemed them, help me help you look good.  During a Connection Session I will be able to see how you react to a camera being around you, I will be able to find out what angles work best for your face and body, and how to bring out your personalities in our photos.  Connection Sessions are also beneficial for you as a client because you will get a taste of what it will be like to be followed around by the paparazzi all day. 😉 All jokes aside, cameras can be unnerving, especially on an important day like your wedding.

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Even if you have had photos taken by another photographer, or friend, I recommend you not dismiss the Connection Session included in all of our packages.  I, in no way, wish to recreate the photos you took at the time of your initial engagement, but to connect with you and get to know you from behind my camera. 🙂  Ask about our Reception Signing Album which we create using your Connection Session images to share with your guests as they write notes of well wishes!


So next time you think “engagement photos” think of the photos above and know that it is an important step in getting ready for your wedding day.

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