It’s My Anniversary!

My wedding anniversary that is! Today marks 10 years since I walked down the isle to my future husband who was crying so hard he had a snot ball drip from his nose, reach to about his chin, until he snorted it back up again. (true story) In the last 10 years we’ve had 2 houses, adopted 2 dogs, raised a teenager, started a photography business, traveled, and made some amazing memories.

I met my husband Jamie in a time where social media didn’t exist. Texting didn’t really exist either. That’s right, no Facebook, no Instagram, no selfies. At least not with a phone. Online dating had JUST become a thing and people were extremely skeptical about it all, myself included. But here we are! 9 months after we met face to face in 2005, Jamie and I bought our first house, 6 months after that we got engaged. We set our wedding date for August 2nd, 2008 and had a beautiful, intimate, ceremony in my parent’s back yard. This was also a time before Pinterest and yet we managed to DIY A LOT of things.

Photography was at the top of my list when it came to wedding requirements. That and food. Om nom nom! I chose our original photographer, Kelly Bik, based on an amazing referral from a friend who was getting married a few months before. Kelly did our engagement photos and unfortunately had to refer our wedding to another photographer as she was pregnant with her first child and her due date was on our wedding day! Thinking back now I wish I would have looked around a little bit more at alternate photographers. I didn’t know about styles and editing back then. However I’m just happy we invested in a photographer and have these memories to look back at!

 So today I want to show you some of our photographic memories in a time where I had no inkling to be a photographer! In fact I wanted to be a country singer. lol Now remember, this was also in a time before giving high resolution images to clients was a thing. Some of these may be blurry or not show up all crisp and lovely. lol (this is when we actually printed our photos 😉 lol) First up, our engagement session!!

We were just babies! But not much has changed. <3 Now to our wedding photos! Unfortunately our wedding was also before the time that catching the groom getting ready was a thing. I’m actually a little sad looking back now that we don’t have those memories however Jamie and I are renewing our vows in Mexico in November and you can bet we will get those memories this time!! My mom worked so hard leading up to the wedding, planting flowers for decoration, maintaining her lush green lawn during a summer that was hot and dry, all so we could have a beautiful setting for our ceremony! My dress was a mermaid fit and flare from Stella’s Bridal and it was the first one I tried on. I knew RIGHT away. My “Something blue” was a $5 bill borrowed from a friend. lol

Our ceremony was short and sweet with a few readings from family and music played on a CD boom box. It actually rained during our ceremony so thank goodness we preemptively thought about renting a tent.

Our formal photos celebrated a mixture of my home town of Stony Mountain and where we currently lived, Stonewall. Walking through the streets of a small town ALWAYS leads to people honking and yelling their congratulations as they passed by.

Our reception took place at the recreational centre in Stony Mountain. Lots of room for everyone! Our catering was done by Danny’s Whole Hog as we wanted traditional “Manitoban” food for our traditional families. Our amazing MC, Greg, prepared some SUPER fun games for us including SOMEHOW getting everyone a bunch of keys that were to represent our house keys that Jamie had apparently handed out over the time we were together. I thought it was HILARIOUS and so did everyone else. We danced in to the night with our amazing DJ Gord from Body Bounce who played all of the music we loved. It was an incredible day to start the rest of our lives and I wouldn’t change it.

So here’s to 10 years of marriage to my best friend! The person who sees and loves all sides of me. The person who pushes me to be more and out of my comfort zone. We have had such a fortunate life thus far and I can not wait to see where we are in another 10 years. xoxo