Me, Myself, and My Ego

Yesterday I took to our Instagram live stories to talk about ego, specifically my ego, and how I got wrapped up in it yesterday. Now I know a lot of people out there probably stopped by my IG story thinking “Why does this even matter Chantelle?!” Because it does. 🙂

We released our fall family mini sessions yesterday! I’m very excited because I have a new set up that I am so excited to bring to our families. (more info on that soon) So we shared the below image to everyone via social media, including our local Facebook groups to reach our local peeps. 

Within the hour another local photographer shared THEIR fall mini sessions which were over half our price for twice the digital files. Sidebar: We aren’t calling this person out. This isn’t an attack of ANY sorts. We have ALWAYS respected that there is a photographer for every budget and that’s fine. Our current clients love the way we work with them and the quality we provide and we couldn’t be happier with that. 🙂 HOWEVER, Ego had other things planned…….

I’m going to admit I became a little ragey. My ego spun me around in my chair until I couldn’t see straight and I let it consume me for a bit. “What about me?!” it asked. “What about OUR sessions.” it screamed. Ego began to make the situation about “me”. I reached out to friends via private message for some kind of ego validation and when that didn’t work I “vague booked” on facebook. And when THAT didn’t work I put on my happy face and went to my meeting with one of my current 2017 wedding couples to talk about their upcoming wedding in October. Distraction, right? Yes, but no. 😉

Sitting with my couple last night, having them look to me for advice, for direction, for clarification, knowing that they trusted in what I was telling them, made me realize I already have what I’ve been working so hard to create. Sometimes as business owners in the hard growth years of our business we forget to look up from the grind stone to realize how far we’ve come from our original spot in the line. A lot of times we get stuck on social media looking at other people’s work that we forget to look back at how far OUR work has come. With so much blood, sweat, tears, and emotion poured in to our every day inner workings, it is VERY easy to feel deflated in a situation like the one I created for myself yesterday.

In the end I became aware that all of this wasn’t about me at all. It never was and it never will be. I became more aware of the brand that I had created and continue to create every day for the people who trust me with their photographic history. The photography industry, especially the wedding portion, will always be an industry that is painted in a “get rich quick” light. “Just say the word ‘wedding’ and prices sky rocket” is something I hear and read on a regular basis. These are the things I am striving to change, but not by lowering my value. (want to talk money? Read our The Year I Made $0 blog)

After yesterday’s live blurb on Instagram I had fellow vendors, and even existing clients, private message me with their experiences, their ego stories, and their positive reinforcement that what I’m trying to do is grabbing hold. I will always do the very best I can for my clients because it isn’t all about me, it’s about them too. (which is a fine balance while creating a sustainable business by the way.) And I will always talk about my struggles for my fellow vendors because I know a lot of us feel alone in a world of perfectly curated Instagram stories. lol

Remember that YOU are the brains behind your business and only YOU are the best at being, well, you! 😉
Chantelle xoxo