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I’m Chantelle Dione, Winnipeg Wedding, Engagement & Portait Photographer

There is so much emotion in unscripted moments and that’s what I strive to bring out in my photography.  I, with every fiber of my being, believe in the magic of candid moments. There is something there, a spark, that disappears so quickly after the moment is gone. I want to catch that spark. I want everyone to be able to hold on to those moments for the rest of their lives.

I see myself as a creator of flashes in time. Where stories are told after the days have passed and photos are all that are left to share. I believe in the history they create, your history. My photographic style is one that helps depict the story of your life, using candidness to enhance the openness and sincerity of your expressions. I want to show you and your family moments of carefree laughing, your parents sneaking an intimate moment, you and your betrothed in pure, unscripted, love.

Chantelle XO

*Chantelle is a non-denominational, non-discriminatory, photographer who believes in love for all.  We would love to hear from you!*

Chantelle Dione Photography is based in a small town in Manitoba. We service Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas. We’re also available for destination weddings.

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