Wonderful Wedding Show Survival Guide

The Wonderful Wedding Show is happening THIS weekend, January 23rd and 24th, in Winnipeg Manitoba and we are over the moon excited to be there once again this year!  While wedding industry exhibition shows can me overwhelming for vendors, it can be equally and MORE overwhelming for couples that are attending.  Here are my survival tips if you are coming to the RBC Convention Center in Winnipeg this weekend:

1) Sign up as a V.I.B. (Very Important Bride). You and your entourage get early access to the exhibition which means you can hit your favorite places first!  You can register online at www.wonderfulweddingshow.com or at the Registration Desk when you arrive.

2) Have a plan.  The floor plans are available on the website as well and you can correspond your favorite vendor’s booth numbers with that plan.  Go and see those vendors first and then spend some time looking at all the other pretty stuff. 🙂

3) Know your style.  What is the theme and feel of your wedding?  You can be sure to find a lot of inspiration at the show but if you don’t see something that fits don’t be shy to approach a vendor and ask questions!!

Bring snacks! Or purchase them outside the hall area. Or better yet visit one of the amazing restaurants downtown for lunch and come back in to the show!  There is 2 floors of exhibitors to see, you could be with us for a while. 😉

4) Book early.  If you are getting married in 2017 and you think it’s too early to get your dress, your venue, your photographer? You are WRONG.  Venues and photographers are booking up to 18 months in advance. To get what you really want, don’t hesitate.  I will have my calendar with me and can check your wedding date on the spot.  I can even set up a consult appointment if you know your schedule. Heck I will be prepared to book your wedding right on the spot if you see fit!

5) Have fun!!! This is a time for celebration!  Yes a lot of vendors are going to be pulling you in all sorts of directions (especially if you are a bride) but remember they only want to hear more about you and your plans.  As a vendor I love talking to people. If you already have a photographer, that’s ok! I will say hi anyway. 😀

So these are a few of my tips, do you have any of your own? I would love to hear them!!

Be sure to come see us at Booth S72 on the second floor of the RBC Convention Center in Winnipeg!